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The Yangan Tau Geopark is the first in Russia to join the UNESCO Geoparks Network

In July 2020, at the 209th session of the UNESCO Executive Board, the Yangan Tau Geopark was included in the list of UNESCO Global Geoparks. So, Yangan Tau became the first geopark in Russia and throughout the post-Soviet space to receive international recognition.

This achievement was made possible by the coordinated work of the geopark team consisting of consummate professionals. The Head of the Republic of Bashkortostan Khabirov R.F. was among the first to congratulate the geopark on the assignment of the high status.

In the geopark, there are 35 geosites of international (Mechetlino and Bolshaya Luka sections, Mt. Yangan Tau), national (10) and educational (22) importance as well Red Book plants and rare species of animals. No doubt, the new status of the Yangan Tau Geopark now makes it attractive to foreign tourists. Its inclusion in the UNESCO Global Geoparks Network means that the geopark provides quality services in a safe space.

According to Alfred Akbashev, the director of the Yangan Tau Geopark, the geopark development strategy has been elaborated, which includes the building and repair of roads, as well as the construction of new museums and infrastructure. Currently, the UNESCO Global Geoparks Network consists of 147 geoparks in 41 countries.

A special UNESCO program to support the creation of a global network of national geoparks has existed since 2002. The Global Geoparks Network (GGN) was created with the support of UNESCO in 2004. Geoparks that have international status become cultural, scientific, educational centres in Earth sciences and combine a set of geological, landscape, historical, technogenic and other features of particular regions.

The main goal of the Global Geoparks Program is to create a model of sustainable economic development of the area, based on the use of geosites of international importance in their direct connection with nature, culture and other aspects of people's lives. This is its fundamental difference from the UNESCO World Heritage Program, aimed only at protecting unique sites. Besides, the UNESCO Geopark status is granted for only four years. For its renewal it is necessary to pass an additional inspection.

The GGN Executive Board, in collaboration with the Earth Sciences Section, has decided to organize a live WELCOME DIGITAL EVENT for 15 new UNESCO Global Geoparks.


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