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A new video has been released on VSEGEI YouTube channel - Field works of the Sanavayam party - 2019

The expedition took place from July to September 2019. The party consisted of 8 specialists, the head of the party - S.V. Aksenov.

During summer 2019, on the territory of the Kamchatka Peninsula, field works of the Sanavayam party of the FGBU "VSEGEI" continued to compile the geological map at 1: 200,000 scale, sheet O-57-XVIII of the second edition. This was the second year of the Sanawayam party. The work was carried out in areas located on the northern part of the sheet.

A video about the field works of the Sanawayam party is available at: https://youtu.be/Zu3BXlF4_1U 

Editing: Ekaterina Kostina, music: Maxim Kostin

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