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FGBU "VSEGEI" was the organizer of the geo-motor rally on the Izhora Upland

On August 1, 2020, the first geo-motor rally on the Izhora Upland took place, organized with the support of the PaleoSPb company and the Russian Geological Research Institute, in order to popularize the tourist routes of the established Ingermanlandia Geopark.

The rally participants visited Ordovician limestones sections containing numerous remains of fossilized fauna; visited a landmark historical site - Koporskaya fortress; learned about the geological history of the region, the structure of the sedimentary cover of the Russian Plain, the ancient inhabitants of the Ordovician epicontinental sea; gained the skills to search and identify fossil fauna.

The route of the rally included a quarry near the village of Vilpovitsy (one of the popular places in the Leningrad region for searching fossilized shells of trilobites, brachiopods, echinoderms), a natural monument “Radon springs and lakes in the village of Lopukhinka”, Petrovitsky boulder (a vivid example of the transporting ability of Pleistocene glaciers), Baltic Ladoga glint near the Shirokovo village, Alekseevsky quarry (outcrops of limestones and shales of the Upper Ordovician with remains of shell fauna).

Useful reminder: in June 2019, the Ingermanlandia Visit Center was opened on the territory of the FGBU VSEGEI Cartographic Factory, where visitors can get acquainted with the history and infrastructure of the Geopark, as well as order a sightseeing and / or geological tour of historical and geological sites.


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