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Regional Geology and Metallogeny
Regional Geology and Metallogeny

Journal «Regional Geology and Metallogeny»


Regional Geology and Metallogeny was registered in 1993.

Its founder and publisher is the A.P. Karpinsky Russian Geological Research Institute (VSEGEI).

Regional Geology and Metallogeny is a scientific periodical that reflects modern areas of research related to the state geological study of mineral resources of the Russian Federation, its continental shelf and neighboring CIS countries.
The aim of the periodical is to provide information about the latest scientific achievements in fundamental geology, creation of present-day geological principles of mineral resource management, reproduction of Russia’s mineral resources, results of international cooperation in studying geology and assessing the mineral potential of the world’s largest regions such as Eurasia and Circumpolar Arctic, the latest scientific and applied developments, discoveries, and the most recent methods of geological research.
A key principle of the journal’s editorial policy is professional peer review and publishing high-quality geological information.
The journal publishes manuscripts describing regional structural geology and patterns of mineral deposits location, problems of regional forecasting of mineral deposits location, fundamental issues of theoretical geology, results of regional stratigraphic, paleontological, petrological, geochemical and other studies, issues of general and regional tectonics, structural geology and geodynamics, global and exploratory geophysics.

The journal is issued quarterly.

Editorial office address: VSEGEI, 74 Sredny pr., 199106, St. Petersburg, Regional Geology and Metallogeny.
Editorial office phone: +7 (812) 328-90-90 (ext. 2323, 2424).
E-mail: izdatel@vsegei.ru. (O.N. Alekseeva).